Ironman Madison

2016 Iroman Madison

It’s ON!!

Join us here on the blog as I will be giving LIVE UPDATES here following all of the TriRacers that are competing. Check it out early and often!!!

Here are the list of participants and their race numbers!

Kyle Prendergast 1929
Jenn Borst 949
Steve Cox 2754
Kim Moyle 1132
Dan Harty 1419
Andy Bernholtz 1379
Bobby Dickerson 2869
Kyle Weuve 2725
Josh Boyd 1543
Galen Crawford 2755
Kevin Prendergast 2900
Erin Jansen

They are in the WATER!!!

Track the progress here:

**** OUT OF WATER ****

Now on to the bike! Everyone is still in the mix!!

*** OFF THE BIKE ****

On run…in the next few hours we will have several new Ironman achievers!

*** FINISH ***

DAN HARTY just finished!!! Dan you are an IRONMAN!!! 6:37 pm

ANDY BERNHOLTZ just finished! Andy, you are an IRONMAN!!! 6:55 pm

Kyle Pendergast just finished. Kyle you are an IRONMAN!!! 8:34pm

Bobby Dickerson just finished. Bobby, you are an IRONMAN!!! 8:45pm

Kim Moyle just finished. Kim you are an IRONMAN!!! 8:55pm

Missed a few others coming in as we had a small hiccup…

Jennifer Borst just finished. Jenn…you are an IRONMAN!!!

*** Editors NoteĀ  ****

With all the craziness and the late night hour, I unfortunately didn’t get everyone updated that finished. Needless to say, finish they did and our club is blessed with many more additions to the IRONMAN club!




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