Jennifer Borst

Bio: I am a recently turned 40 year old mom of 2 boys. I come from an athletic background, specifically running. However I got bored with running and decided at 37 to learn how to do more than just my spectacular doggie paddle and take on the Olympic distance Hyvee 5150. That specific event didn’t go as planned, but I still put an Olympic under my belt learning how to swim in January of that year. My plan was to do a HIM, with the ultimate goal being to become an IM. Success. Now it’s time to thrown in a twist and take on Triple T!

Career Highlight: Becoming an IRONMAN:)!

Why I Tri: Why NOT???!!!

“A” Race or Goal: Triple T!

About The Author


The Triathlon Racers of Iowa are a group of dedicated athletes who train, run and have fun with the sport of Triathlon. We offer training, camaraderie and social events and is open to those of all skill levels.


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    Phone:       001 712 210 6314
    Address:   PO Box 393, Ankeny, IA 50021

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