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The call went out for swimmers and I saw that we were short a couple members to have a team. Knowing that I wasn’t a solution even if I was healthy, I hoped someone would answer the call.

Someone did and the rest is history.

Our team of TriRacers won the team competition at the Swim the Bridge event in 2017. In their own words;

Swim the Bridge is a wonderful open water swim race that welcomes all types of athletes and varying ability levels. It’s a great group of people that like to swim in circles underneath the Mile Long Bridge in Polk City! This year, the TriRacers brought together an amazing group who got the job done!! Despite fatigue from previous races, injuries and nerves due to this upcoming swim, the TriRacers swam strong and came out on top! 1st in the team division!! And big props goes out to Carrie Schwake who completed only her second open water swim race ever!! The smiles, laughter, effort and encouragement from all teammates that morning is what TriRacers is all about!

Meet the Team:

Greg Moyle: What can be said about Greg that hasn’t already been said? (Mostly by his wife I am sure…) One of the most knowledgeable and phenomenal swimmers to ever set gigantic feet in the water, Greg is a force of nature and a pleasure to behold while swimming. Word on the street was that this team didn’t have anyone to swim the longest distance. Greg stepped up and finished second overall. Second must have been a strange feeling for Greg as he is a champion through and through but a little birdy told me that the guy who won was no joke. Still, anytime you see Greg line up for a swim race, I would pretty much bet the farm, (and I don’t even own a farm…) that Greg will touch the wall first. Nice work!

Kim Kramer: For those who don’t know, Kim was the afore mentioned wife in the last paragraph. An IRONMAN Wisconsin finisher last year, Kim was a fantastic swimmer for this team and I am guessing kept everyone from getting too rowdy out there. And lets talk about work ethic. I see Kim several times a week preparing for a workout and she always has a fantastic attitude. I can learn a TON from that and there is a REASON she beat quite a few men to the Ironman Wisconsin finish line. A true class act and a real competitor, it would be a surprise if a team with Kim on it, DIDN’Tfinish on or near the top!

Kristjana Smith: One of our newest TriRacer members, this ferocious Badger brings a lifelong swimming pedigree to the table and was absolutely DOMINANT at Swim the Bridge finishing first for the 2.4 mile distance. One TriRacer teammate commented that her swim stroke was so amazing and so good it felt like he was watching “swim porn”. It doesn’t take much to figure out who said that, but the point was a good one. Getting ready for her first IronMan in Wisconsin, Kristjana is a HUGE addition to the TriRacers for sure.

Aaron Hahn: Fresh off his half IronMan finish in Minnesota, Aaron is the “go to” guy on the TriRacers team. Whenever there is something that needs done, Aaron always steps up and delivers with absolute excellence. Swim the Bridge was no different and when the call went out and the team was short a swimmer or two, it was no surprise to me that Aaron was there to answer the call. Always with a smile on his face and eager to help a teammate, guys like Aaron are critical to the success of ANY championship caliber team.

Maggie Haaland: If you haven’t met Maggie the Magnificent yet, you are in for a treat. Let’s just say that at a shade over 50, this half Ironman finisher is the epitome of what the TriRacers are all about. Fairly new to the sport, Maggie jumped in with both feet, trained hard and found herself on podium after podium once she began racing in earnest.(and Ernest HATE when people race inside him…) While not as comfortable in water as on land, (I tried to run with her out of T2 at Copper Creek and couldn’t keep up that was how fast she was going…) Maggie never fails to meet any challenge and often puts herself in positions that she may not be comfortable in because she knows it will make her better. An inspiration to me as well as others!

Carrie Schwake: My partner in crime for the half marathon running class, I have secret knowledge that a computer glitch was the cause of her being on the team. A relative novice to both Triathlons and open water swimming, she came back from vacation and her computer accidently re-sent past emails out, one of which inquired about the Swim the Bridge event. She found out that were short athletes and may not be able to field a team. With one of the most generous hearts and sweetest dispositions ever, our Carrie couldn’t let that happen. She swam the 500 in only her second open water swim in competition. But don’t let her calm, sweet demeanor fool you, when the horn goes off, Carrie is one of the fiercest competitors you will ever meet.

Winning the team title for the 2017 Swim the Bridge brought with it a $200 dollar check. I made a suggestion that instead of donating it to the TriRacers where it may get lost and overlooked, we create a plaque commemorating this event. And every year it will serve as a reminder that Swim the Bridge BELONGS to the TriRacers. Every year from now on, there should be no problem fielding a team of elites because it is up to us to DEFEND OUR TITLE, defend OUR bridge. Next year, this team should have their pick of quality swimmers to defend with.

What do you say, TriRacers? Make mention of this idea in the comment section below or just congratulate the team on a job well done.

You Done Us PROUD!


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